Privacy Policy

Wemp Locator is the perfect solution that access your mobile device remotely through internet, using the bests and latest technologies available on market. We care with your privacy and your data security that's why we use cryptography to transmit all data.

This privacy policy is subjected to changes that always will be avaiable in our website.

We dont sell or share your information with third parts, they'll be used only for improve our services and give you a better experience.

  • E-Mail address
  • Device's IMEI
  • Device's model
  • Device's brand
  • Operating System version
  • Carrier
  • Cellphone Number
  • Country
  • IP

The application can request device administrator permission. By allowing this, Wemp will be able to block the cell phone and format it. At any time this permission can be disabled through the Android security settings.

The reviews generated by users of the application in the Play Store regarding Wemp Locator , will be subjected to be displayed in Wemp Locator's website ( with their respective name, photo and text.

You can disable your account any time, your data will be idle in our database and later deleted.

See also our Use Terms