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    • My backups are stored permanently?
        Yes and no. Most of backups are stored permanently, except the images backup, this is the only type of backup that has temporary storage, the images stored are available for 30 days after the backup date, after this period the images are removed automatically.
    • Does Wemp Locator uses my backups for some purpose?
        No, we don’t use or view the content of any backup data, no matter what type; photo, contact, installed apps or any other type that can exists.
    • How can I change my password?
        Open the mobile application through your mobile device, and with your user already authenticated choose the option “Settings” and “Change Password”, you will need to put your current password and choose a new one. _br_ After that, your password will be redefined _br_ p.s; internet connection is required for this operation
    • I fired the alarm through the control panel, how can I make it stop?
        Go to the mobile app and search for the option “Disable Alarm”, click on that, your password will be required and your alarm should stop immediately after the authentication.
    • I forgot my password? How can I recover it?
        If you forgot your password, don’t panic. You can easily recover it through the website, on the login section, filling the e-mail field and then clicking on “forgot my password”, after this you should receive your password on your email._br_ If you not receive the e-mail, send us a message alerting us.
    • When I try to open the mobile app, it shows me a message “Add a google account [...]” and after this the app is closed.
        This occurs because Locator uses some features of Android that are only available for those who associates the device with a gmail account._br_ To check which account is associated with your device, go to; settings, account, Google, and check which e-mail account appears (These instructions may vary depending of the Android’s version).
    • Should I keep the GPS active in my device?
        Wemp Locator, can track your mobile device even with the GPS disabled, but it still being the most accurate way to track your device._br_ In some devices, keep the GPS active it is a good idea, because it is only really activated when it is necessary, in other words, the GPS will only drain your battery when an application request it.
    • When I try to log in into the mobile app, it shows me the following message “To activate Wemp Locator it is necessary internet connection”
        This can occur when your device was unable to reach our servers, check if your internet connection is active._br_ If the problem persists send us an e-mail through the contact page, telling us what is happening and what is your device’s model.
    • How do I install and set up Locator on my device?
        Download Locator on Play Store Open it, it will ask you if you want to define Locator as administrator of your device, mark ‘yes’, Locator needs special permissions to perform some operations like backup and restore on your device. _br_ On the main screen; _br_ If you are already a Locator registered user, choose Sign in and log in. _br_ If you not have an account yet, click Register, put a valid e-mail address and password, you will need also accept Locator service terms and the privacy policy. _br_ After this, Locator will create your account and bind your device with it.
    • Which languages Locator supports?
        The website and the mobile app are available in Portuguese (PT-BR) and English (EN-US)._br_ We intend include support for other languages in the future.
        If you would like to see this app in other language, send us an e-mail, on the contact page, saying which language you would like to Locator supports. _br_ If you find some mistake in our translation please let us know.
    • Which data Wemp Locator collects from my mobile device and for what?
        We collect some data of your device for internal use. We do not sell or share these information, we just use it to improve our services. _br_ _br_ Below, you can see the gathered data;_br_ - Email address _br_ - Device's IMEI _br_ - Device's model _br_ - Device's brand _br_ - Operating System version _br_ - Phone carrier _br_ - Country
    • How can I use the mobile app in other language?
        Locator uses the language of your mobile device to translate the app._br_ Two languages are currently available; English and Portuguese.
    • Can I use Wemp Locator in devices running Windows Phone or IOS?
        No. We know the importance of these operational systems in the market, and we are working to bring you a new version compatible with these platforms as fast we can. If you want to see this app running in other platforms, please send us an e-mail through the contact page, telling us which system you would like to use with Wemp Locator.
    • What I need to use Locator in my device?
        -Android 2.2 or higher -3G technology If you want to use Locator, but can't because you don't fill the minimum requirements, please tell us; send an e-mail through the contact page.
    • I sold my device, and I want to unbind it of my account. How can I do this?
        To unbind your device, go to the configurations section on the control panel, there you will be able to disable your device. Doing this other people will be able to use Wemp Locator with your device.
    • My device was stolen, what should I do?
        Backup all your data, is not pleasant lose photos and phone contacts._br_ Remove everything; photos, videos and other stuff, this way you will guarantee your privacy._br_ If necessary, request the location of your device and call the police, NEVER go alone to the tracked spot.
    • I have requested my device's location through the control panel, but until now I haven’t received a response.
        There are two possibilities; your device isn't connected to the internet (3G or wireless) or it is setted up to not allow tracking. _br_ To solve the second one, you can check the settings through the mobile app clicking on the option “Configuration” and then “Allow tracking ”, your device settings will be shown, the following options must be marked “Access to my location”, “Phone network and Wi-Fi” (the name of the options may be different due the android version).
    • When I tracked my device through the control panel, it warned me that the location was obtained through the phone network, what does it mean?
        Locator can track your device using two different methods, the first one is the GPS (Global Positioning System), the default tracking method of Locator, it is very accurate, but only can be requested when the mobile device have the GPS active. _br_ If your GPS is not active, Locator still can track it, but in a way that is not so accurate than the first one, we uses the phone carrier tower to estimate the device’s location.
    • How uninstall Wemp Locator?
        There are two ways to uninstall Locator of your device, one can be made it through the mobile app and the other through the android system; _br_ Through Mobile App:_br_ Open the mobile app, if you are not authenticated, do it. _br_ Click on settings and then click on Uninstall, put your password and press Uninstall, the process will start._br_ _br_ Through Android system (may vary by Android version):_br_ Go to Settings >> Security >> Device Administrators, you must unmark Wemp Locator as your device administrator. _br_ After that go to Settings >> Applications, select Locator and uninstall it.
    • How can I use the website in other language?
        Locator assumes that the language of your browser is your language, based on this, the translation is loaded._br_ Two languages are currently available; English and Portuguese.